VIS Limunada released its first album Limunada (eng. Lemonade) on May 13, 2016. This release drew public attention mostly due to a few original tracks (“Rame uz Rame”, “Plesi, plesi”, “Ja znam da znas”, “Zbogom ljubavi”), which each have accompanying music videos. Besides these original tracks, Limunada contains original adaptations and arrangements of early rock’n’roll, beat and soul classics, which make VIS Limunada recognizable.

A live performance was recorded in Studio 3I in Belgrade, for Uroš Milovanović’s program KRENI. It was broadcast on October 19, 2015 on radio “Studio B”. This unofficial release was intended to entertain the audience during the winter days, awaiting the first official release.

VIS Limunada presented itself for the first time to a wider audience with its songs “Ekspres kafa” (org. “Café a la italiana”) and “Perfidia”, which were released as music videos on the band’s Youtube channel during 2013. These tracks drew great attention from radio stations and started a wave of interest in this unique vocal-instrumental ensemble. Through these two tracks, the ensemble intended to question the actuality of music from the mid-twentieth century in present times, and also to lay the groundwork for their upcoming original tracks, inspired by this particular epoch.