“Even though their music is retro, they are not a phenomenon that brings us back to past but admirably reflects what is happening today.”
Milica Marković - RTS - Bunt

“Irresistibly charming VIS Limunada is shaking and twisting dance floors and concert halls”
Smiljana Popov - Studio B - Beograd za početnike, EP 33

Maja Nikolić - 150 minuta - Prva televizija

“Listening to Limunada, I really feel like I’m in a time machine.”
Robert Mareković - Povratak u budućnost, HRT Radio, Zagreb, Croatia

“I’m sure we will be listening to VIS Limunada’s album a lot here on Radio Student”

Branko Radovančević - Bamalama, Radio Student, Zagreb, Croatia

“...The broadness of musical expression, old schlagers collide with new tendencies.”
Jovana Buljugic - Before After

“Approach VIS Limunada without prejudice - even a hater like me couldn’t resist the fun.”
Miloš Petrik and Mateja Vidaković - Izvrsni blogeri

“Songs that would appear slow or boring to today’s generation have become fast and strong so it can be said that this vocal-instrumental ensemble brings real flamboyant-schlager renaissance.”
Vesna Radman - B92

“Now schlager is experiencing a renaissance.”
Dunja Jovanović - Magazin 42

,,Those who love retro sound should smile and put on the dancing shoes.''

Dušan Komarčević - Radio Slobodna Evropa


“The audience enjoyed the compound of elegance and the excitement of the old dance nights.”
Nela Radičević - Čačanski glas 

“I haven’t heard a local band playing with memories with such charm in a very long time.”
Vladimir Skočajić - Kulturni dodatak, Politika